Online Mixing Rates

Billed at $50/hr


choose a flat rate option if you prefer


Flat rate options

Mastering is included /no extra charge

Premixed Instrumental w/ Vocals (2-track beat) - $30

Up to 10 Tracks total

Extra vocal tracks increases price by $2 each

These are commonly called Mix Tape Beats. Often times they are leased very affordably or ripped from YouTube.

Tracked-Out Instrumental w/ Vocals- $50

Up to 20 Tracks Total

Extra tracks increases price by $2 each

Additional Information

  • Please do not send us 50 individual files. Please make sure they are in a zip file prior to sending.

  • Please only send us .WAV or . AIFF files that line up to the front of your session.  If you must send us actual session files we may not always own the software it was originally recorded in and if so there may be a small fee for us to get them converted for you.

  • Flat rate quotes will include up to two (2) revisions at no additional charge.

The instrumental is tracked out into individual sounds so there is more mixing involved. This also yields a higher quality for overall sound since we have control over the different tracks of the instrumental. This is how industry traks are professionally mixed into the top mainstream songs you hear today.

Simple acoustic/instruments with vocals- Price $30

Up to 10 Tracks Total

Extra vocal tracks increases price by $2 each

Full Band Mix- $100

Up to 24 Tracks Total 

Extra tracks increases price by $5 each

Full bands will have the instruments individually tracked and layered in a large project. This includes live drums, guitars, bass, synths, background sounds, vocals and whatever else is included in the song.