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130 W. Downer Place

Aurora Illinois 60506


Open 24/7 By Appointment

With/Without an Engineer

Rooms & Rates

Our rates vary from $25/hr-$50/hr - This includes an engineer.

Exact prices are based off the experience of the engineer and the room you book. 

This allows us to conform to or fit almost all project budgets.

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Some Equipment Available In Studio B

  • Presonus Studio 192 Interface

  • Art Pro MPA II Tube Mic Preams

  • Presonus Digimax Mic Preamps

  • Presonus Eris 8 monitors

  • Alesis 88 key midi controler

  • Machine Studio production midi controller

Rent This Room for $10/hr with NO ENGINEER to record yourself or others

Studio B also doubles as a fully stocked rehearsal space with PA, drums and amps.


Some Equipment Available Only In Studio A

  • AMR 2400 Analog Production Console

  • Solid State Logic and RME Audio Converters

  • Avalon 737 Channel Strip

  • Neve Portico Due Mic Preamps

  • Universal Audio 4710D Preamps

  • Audient ASP-008 Mic Preamps

  • Otari MTR-70 1" 16 Track Analog Tape Option

  • SPL-MTC Monitoring Controller

  • Dyn Audio BM12mkIII Monitors


Some Equipment Available In Studio C

  • Presonus 192 Interface

  • Presonus Eric E66 monitors

  • 88 weighted key electric piano

Rent This Room for $10/hr with NO ENGINEER to record yourself or others

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