Gremlen Studios engineers are experienced & educated graduates from The Conservatory of Recording & Columbia College.

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With mixing & mastering credits from countries all over the world you can be assured you will be in good ears.


About Gremlen Recording Studios

Since opening in late 1997, Gremlen Studios has been devoted to the development of music artists from the Chicago area and beyond.


Our primary goal is to deliver value. We strive to provide you the best quality and personal attention you’ll find from any other recording studio.


Out of Chicago's recording studios, Gremlen has distinguished itself as one of the busiest, best sounding studios in the area. Record producers, artists, and bands of all different types of music genres have come to Gremlen Studios for its mix of the best vintage gear, analog capabilities, and the latest in digital recording.​


24 years later anyone can be approved to work out of our rooms.  You can record yourselves or make money recording your own clients.  Our chief engineer with 20+ years of engineering and teaching experience offers private engineering and production lessons.  You no longer have to spend 10's of thousands of dollars learning at an expensive engineering school that often does not give you an accredited degree anyways.