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Career Opportunities with Gremlen Studios

Job Position Available

Part-Time Engineer


At first the huge majority of your sessions would be Hip-Hop sessions.  Most of which would be clients looking to book time same day.  Therefore you would be expected to be somewhat "on call" during times you choose.   The majority of our needs are evenings and weekends.


Your personality is key.  You will not only need to have major label quality engineering skills but also the ability to connect with the client so they want to work with you again.  You would be the first face many of them see when they first come to Gremlen as the majority of last minute sessions are new clients.

Additional Notes:

In addition to the following application, please download the following audio stems:

Mix and master the tract to the best of your ability and send it back to us at

Your application will not be reviewed without the completed mix and master.

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