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Meet The Engineers Of Gremlen Studios

Our in studio rates are currently only $45-$70/hr - This includes an engineer. 

All of our engineers are fully capable of mixing during or after your session as time allows.  

If sending a song to a senior mix engineer for mixing and mastering prices will vary. 

Email for mix/master inquiries

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Head Engineer
Chris Leonard

$70/hr (Studio A/E)
$65/hr (Stu
dio B/C)

Chris is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, private audio production lessons, musical composition/song writing assistance,  recording/editing, guitar/piano lessons.

Chris is a co-owner of Gremlen, and has been around since 2005 as client, intern, engineer, and now co-owner.  He graduated from Chicago’s Tribeca Flashpoint College in 2013 with a degree in Audio Engineering/Sound Design followed by Music Theory/Composition at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, in 2014. He is a highly skilled and well-rehearsed guitarist, in both classical and modern domains.  Chris’ passion lies in collaborating with artists to create new and exotic sounds and styles, helping their art come to life and grab the listener’s attention.

Head Engineer
Jeremy Kollross

$600 Day Rate (10 hours)
Mix/Master: Email
Drum Session Playing: $60/hr

Jeremy is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, private audio production lessons, drum lessons, and drum session work.

Jeremy is a co-owner of Gremlen, specializes in band formats, and is our in-house drummer. He graduated from the University of St. Francis with a Bachelor’s in Audio Engineering. Having played in bands all through his adolescence, Jeremy picked up recording from an early age. He's been doing it professionally since 2018. When he's not at the studio, he runs concert production and sound for The Forge Joliet. 

For mixing or session playing inquiries email at

Staff Engineer
Roshi Sen

*2 Hour Minimum*
60/hr (Studio A/E)
$55/hr (Studio B/C)

Roshi is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, private audio production lessons, and beat editing.
Roshi specializes in Hip-Hop & RnB.  He has been collaborating with artists as a freelance engineer since 2016 in Richmond, Virginia through his mentor’s recording studio, EngineEars LLC.  Roshi graduated from the University of Richmond in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Music and a concentration in music business.

Roshi’s passion is supplying the right vibes and helping artist's grow and accomplish their vision.

Gremlen_1 (1).jpg
Staff Engineer
Hunter Sphar

$65/hr (Studio A/E)
$60/hr (Studio B/C)

Hunter is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, on location recordings, private bass lessons, music theory tutoring, and also bass session work.

Hunter graduated from Millikin University with a Bachelors degree in Commercial Music, emphasis in audio recording and bass performance. Over the last 5 years, Hunter has been recording live bands, singer-songwriters, rappers, podcasts, and more. Hunter has a keen ear for recording instruments ranging from jazz bands, to string quartets. Since joining Gremlen’s team, he has been crafting his production skills and is excited to help artists find their unique sound.

Staff Engineer
Marc Porter

$55/hr (Studio A/E)
$50/hr (Studio B/C)

Marc is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, private audio production lessons and beat production/editing.


Marc started creating sounds and beats at an early age. His intense interest in music and production grew and flourished throughout high school. This motivated him to seek more comprehensive knowledge of how things worked by attending The Conservatory of Recording Arts Sciences and studying under Gremlen's own Sam Beckley. After graduation, armed with an academic education and an intensified passion, Marc began interning at Gremlen and quickly worked his way up. His talent lies in beat production andworking with various artists helping them in developing their own individual sound.

Staff Engineer
Jaden Delay

$50/HR (Studio A/E)
$45/HR (Studio B/C)

Jaden is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, private brass/music production lessons, music theory tutoring, and also music production/beatmaking/arranging.

Jaden holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music from Millikin University. Specializing in music production, his talents lie in helping artists piece together their ideas into brilliant recordings. Having worked with artists in genres ranging from rap, pop, jazz, RnB and country, among many others, he is always looking for ways to bring out the best in his clients. Jaden is excited to work with you and help craft your sound!


Staff Engineer
Sam Beckley

Sam has recorded and/or mixed artists including Grammy award winning drummer Kenny Smith. Multi-platinum producer Earl Talbot, legendary blues guitarist Bob Margolin, Joshua Welton (Prince), Chris Redd (Saturday Night Live), Frazier Boi, Lord infamous (three six mafia), and Twista among many others. With a well versed background in music theory much of my work comes from producing and co-writing with solo artists and singer songwriters.

After receiving a music theory degree in 2000 He attended The Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences. Instructs or has instructed in the audio recording program offered at Aurora University, Waubonsee College mastering clinics, The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, as well as many private engineering and production lessons.

sam studio C.jpeg
Staff Engineer
Caden Kratsch

$50/hr (Studio A/E)
$45/hr (Studio B/C)

Mix/Master: $50-15
Session Playing: $40/hr

Caden is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, production sessions, and session musician work.

Caden started his journey as a musician at age 11 when he picked up his first guitar, and he started recording music at age 16. Caden is skilled and versed in music theory and has a keen ear for many genres of music. He is skilled at a vast variety of instruments, including guitar, vocals, drums, and bass, and this collection of instrumental experience is still growing. Caden has taken master classes with Grammy award winning producer Mike Mangini, and has completed an audio production certificate at Waubonsee Community College in 2021 before interning at Gremlen that summer. It did not take long for Caden to join the Gremlen team, due to his fervor and love for music and audio production. 

Caden specializes in a wide variety of genres, it is rare to find a genre he doesn’t have experience with. Caden takes a liking to anything with a touch of avant-garde or experimental aspects, and he is passionate about using unique and colorful sounds to help artists create a special and distinctive sound.

For any inquiries, email at 

Staff Engineer
Aaron Crowe

$55/hr (Studio A/E)
$50/hr (Studio B/C)


Aaron is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, full song production/composition and session instrument work.
Aaron started engineering in 2019 when he attended the Technology Center of Dupage where his love for recording and production grew immensely. From there he began working as a freelance engineer before joining the Gremlen team in 2023. Aaron plays an assortment of instruments including guitar, bass, drums, and piano. Having played in many different bands and projects, he is a great engineer for a variety of genres. Aaron looks forward to helping you hone your sound and accomplish your artistic vision!


For any inquiries you can reach him at

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