Meet The Engineers Of Gremlen Studios

Our in studio rates are currently only $30-$50/hr - This includes an engineer. 

All of our engineers are fully capable of mixing during or after your session as time allows.  

If sending a song to a senior mix engineer for mixing and mastering prices will vary. 

See our Mixing and Mastering rates for details

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Staff Engineer - Chris Leonard
$50/hr (Studio A) - $45/hr (Studio B or C)

Chris is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, private audio production lessons, musical composition/song writing assistance,  recording/editing, guitar/piano lessons.

Chris has been around Gremlen since 2005 as client, intern engineer and everything in between.  He graduated from Chicago’s Tribeca Flashpoint College in 2013 with a degree in Audio Engineering/Sound Design followed by Music Theory/Composition at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, in 2014. He is a highly skilled and well-rehearsed guitarist, in both classical and modern domains.  Chris’ passion lies in collaborating with artists to create new and exotic sounds and styles, helping their art come to life and grab the listener’s attention.

Staff Engineer - Michael Menefee
$45/hr (Studio A) - $40/hr (Studio B or C)

Mike is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, private audio production lessons, beat production/editing.


Specializing in Hip-Hop, Michael has been collaborating with artists as a freelance engineer through his College’s recording studio since 2014. Michael graduated from the University of St. Francis in 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Recording Arts and a concentration in audio engineering. A self-proclaimed workaholic, Michael is no stranger to long nights recording entire projects. Available for music production consultations as well.

Staff Engineer - Jeremy Kollross
$45/hr (Studio A) - $40/hr (Studio B or C)

Jeremy is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, private audio production lessons, drum lessons, trombone lessons, and drum session work.

Jeremy specializes in Drum, Hip-Hop & Singing vocals, and Live Band recordings. He has been working as an audio engineer since 2014. He graduated from the University of St. Francis in 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Recording Arts with a concentration in audio engineering. He worked for years as the production/engineering manager for WCSF Joliet radio station, recording many bands in the studio live over broadcast/digital radio. Jeremy is also a skilled and versed drummer, having played in many projects & sessions over the past decade in a wide variety of genres. He loves recording/mixing projects, and is very helpful when working with artist's to achieve the sound they're looking for. 

Staff Engineer - Roshi Sen
$40/hr (Studio A) - $35/hr (Studio B or C)

Roshi is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, private audio production lessons, and beat editing.
Roshi specializes in Hip-Hop & RnB.  He has been collaborating with artists as a freelance engineer since 2016 in Richmond, Virginia through his mentor’s recording studio, EngineEars LLC.  Roshi graduated from the University of Richmond in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Music and a concentration in music business.

Roshi’s passion is supplying the right vibes and helping artist's grow and accomplish their vision.

Staff Engineer - Hunter Sphar
$35/hr (Studio A) - $30/hr (Studio B or C)

Hunter is available for recording, mixing/mastering sessions, on location recordings, private bass lessons, music theory tutoring, and also bass session work.

Hunter graduated from Millikin University with a Bachelors degree in Commercial Music, emphasis in audio recording and bass performance. Over the last 5 years, Hunter has been recording live bands, singer-songwriters, rappers, podcasts, and more. Hunter has a keen ear for recording instruments ranging from jazz bands, to string quartets. Since joining Gremlen’s team, he has been crafting his production skills and is excited to help artists find their unique sound.

Staff Engineer - Jorge Anaya
$35 hourly remote only mixing and mastering

Jorge is available for remotely for mixing/mastering sessions, private audio production lessons, Podcast editing, music production, Post production for TV/Film, and IT computer repair. 

Jorge is a seasoned veteran at Gremlen Studios, going back to the early 2000's when he begin his mentorship program and the keys to the studio. Now with over 15 years experience in the music industry, 12 years in audio production, and a certificate in music production with Berklee, Jorge has proven himself to be one of Chicago's finest audio engineers. With his work emerging internationally, it is only a matter of time before his foot print is known world wide.

Jorge's passion is collaborating with visionaries and achieving the ultimate sonic experience.


Videographer- Max Williams
$85/hr or Various Flat rates for video, editing or both
-Contact us for a quote-

Max Williams has been holding a camera in his hand for the past 10 years since he began filming friends skateboarding. Through filming skating over the years, he began to realize how much he enjoyed framing shots and experimenting with cameras, lenses and different settings. Shortly there after he realized his appreciation for music and wanted to blend the two things together. Max attended Columbia College Chicago and interned at Sofar Sounds Chicago while he was there. This internship  gave him the opportunity to film live music. Early in his Junior Year at Columbia College Chicago he was offered the Head of Video Position at Sofar Sounds Chicago and has been their Head of Video since. Max graduated Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelors of Arts. He's had the opportunity to work with artists both in Sofar and outside of Sofar which has given him plenty of experience working video in the Music Industry.  "Part of working with me involves the experience between us. Instead of me just being a guy pointing a camera then saying bye, I like to make it a friendly and welcoming environment for those that work with me."  


Max's website can be found at


+1 331 684 7469



130 W. Downer Place

Aurora Illinois 60506


Open 24/7 By Appointment

With/Without an Engineer